The Procreate Project Photozine Archive by Made and Published – an exhibition of work by mother artists

‘Cellular’ – paper pulp, PVA, ink, fired terracotta (2010)

‘Ring’ – paper pulp, PVA, fired terracotta (2010)

‘Untitled’ – airdrying clay, nail varnish (2011)

‘Inside, Outside’ – fired airdrying clay (2011)

‘Discs’ – fired terracotta (2009)
detail ‘Discs’ – fired terracotta (2009)

These were pieces made in the first three years of becoming a mother, working in clay and paper pulp, creating simple repetitive forms bearing the marks of my making: finger prints, mistakes, irregularities of size and shape; then ordering, arranging, finding news ways to display, reflecting a new acceptance, a sense of grounding, a desire for simplicity and restraint.

The photozines  were created by artist Lara Gonzalez through her project Made and Published for The Procreate Project, enabling mother artists to collate and showcase works as part of the archive of works in site-specific installations at The Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths College and Recto/Verso Galleries, London South Bank University. The following are images from these exhibitions, of fellow artists’ work:

Such personal unique creations, each small booklet an expression, a showing, a voice – encouraged perhaps by the open invitation to submit, to all, with no judgment, no process of selection by unseen others – instead: acceptance. It was an offer that empowered: a mother artist’s Art is important, especially the work that feels new, altered, changed focus and is taking us wandering in new directions; our Art is who we are and who we have become.

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